We invite experts from throughout California to contact us to recommend specific legislation that will make meaningful progress towards restoring abundant, affordable energy and water to all Californians. Here is a list of the reforms we are working on. As we develop more details on any specific reform, we will post that information on a dedicated page. So far, for example, we have created a page that describes in broad outlines a possible version of CEQA. We shall refine that outline as needed until we have a finished piece of model legislation.


Reform the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Reform the permitting process to eliminate unnecessary obstacles that delay projects for years, if not decades, and cost millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

Create a state revolving fund, offering low interest and long term loans for eligible water infrastructure projects. Apply for funds available under the Federal Water Infrastructure Financing Innovation Act to pay for these loans.

Redefine “beneficial use” to include water used for food and people.

Declare diversions of water for groundwater storage to be a beneficial use.

Revise the California Endangered Species Act to put it into alignment with the Federal Endangered Species Act.

Require actions implemented pursuant to the California Endangered Species Act to also take into account the human and economic impacts.

Redefine “renewable energy” to include nuclear power.

Redefine “renewable energy” to include hydroelectric power.

Redefine “renewable energy” to include natural gas generating plants that can achieve conversion efficiencies beyond a target threshold.

Modify California’s EV mandate to include advanced hybrid vehicles and not just 100 percent electric vehicles.

Specify conditions under which ministerial approval can be granted for dredging operations.

Establish criteria whereby property owners have “by right” ability to conduct vegetation management including the use of prescribed herbivores – sheep, goats, cattle.

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