Californians deserve sensible policies to guarantee reliable and sustainable energy using proven, practical sources: oil, natural gas, and nuclear power.


To responsibly serve a growing population, Californians need to streamline the permit process and fund ALL available types of water supply infrastructure.


California ought to have the lowest cost-of-living in the nation. Our state is blessed with the best farmland in the world, along with vast reserves of timber, oil and gas, and other natural resources. While our state endures periodic droughts, with smart new investments in water infrastructure we can easily have a reliable water supply even in dry years. So why is it that Californians pay the highest prices for almost every essential, including housing, energy and water?

We believe that high prices in California are caused by scarcity, and that scarcity is the result of political choices made by the state legislature. We intend to provide examples of legislative solutions to scarcity in California, focusing on energy and water. The solutions we are proposing, vetted by experts in California law, will not be chosen based on their political viability. The priority criteria will be more down to earth: Is this the right thing to do? Will this solve the problem?

Our Mission

  • Produce sample legislation that will reform regulations and revise existing laws in order to unlock the development of cost-effective new sources of energy and water for all Californians.
  • Build a coalition of experts from industry, academia, and activist organizations who will identify areas of agreement on needed policy changes.
  • Aggressively promote these solutions to journalists, elected officials, and members of the public, emphasizing the specific, enforceable character of the proposed reforms and the many ways their enactment would benefit all Californians.

We expect that Californians frustrated by increasingly draconian water and energy policies will find our premise attractive: We support abundance – low-cost, reliable water and energy for all – rather than the management of scarcity.


Energy Strategy – “All of the Above!”
When it comes to engaging in clean, safe and sustainable extraction and refining of gas and oil, or building and managing nuclear power plants, California will always set the standard. Preserving and upgrading these proven and cost-effective energy solutions, along with solar and wind technologies, will deliver affordable energy again to Californians, and also set a practical and effective example that other states and nations will enthusiastically follow.

Water Strategy – “All of the Above!”
Even in dry years, hundreds of millions of acre feet of water fall on California, more than enough for every need – environmental, urban, and agricultural. By investing in infrastructure to harvest storm runoff to store in aquifers and reservoirs, by recycling and reusing 100 percent of urban wastewater, and by building desalination plants along our coast, Californians can enjoy affordable and abundant water and show a thirsty world how it’s done.


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