What’s Current? Issue #4 – Mass Timber, Tough Questions About Water Policy, Wastewater Recycling

Welcome to Issue #4! Our goal is to bring you information about solutions for California that will create sustainable abundance. To tame that alleged oxymoron, we shall always offer you numbers. Not anecdotal numbers (enough water to fill 8 zillion Olympic-size swimming pools), but numbers that matter – the relevant units, with denominators included in […]

What’s Current? Issue #2 – Saving Diablo Canyon, Water Reuse in LA, San Joaquin County Blueprint

Welcome to Issue #2 of our newsletter offering you the latest information on solutions to California’s energy and water challenges. We believe sustainable abundance is not an oxymoron, and that Californians — with their unrivaled creativity and immense wealth — are going to prove it. California Allocates $80 Million for Wastewater Recycling in Los Angeles […]