What’s Current? Issue #12 – Future Cities, CAL ISO, Nuclear Power, Plan for Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Energy. Water. Housing. In that order, California’s legislative priority should be to create abundance, and not to merely manage scarcity. Each of these essentials is a prerequisite for the next. With abundant energy, there is no constraint on our ability to heat, treat, recycle, or desalinate water, or pump it anywhere it’s needed. With abundant […]

What’s Current? Issue #5 – Sustainable Cities, Affordable Water, More Nukes, Green Lawn Guilt

This is our 5th newsletter; thanks for staying with us! If you’ve missed earlier issues or want to refer to the fact-filled reports and data we referenced and linked in the previous four issues, you can find them all now on our website under “NEWS.” We look forward to providing you many more windows into […]